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معرفی سه نان

Fresh, Healthy And Whole “Cenan”

Our products are baked daily from organic and healthy ingredients using the fully automated Kaak Bakery Technology. Due to our advance production process, our breads are easy to digest alongside other beneficial health factors



Nami-Nik-Nahad food industries is an Iranian family owned company that engages in food processing and distribution. Known under the Cenan brand the factory is located in Karaj’s Baharestan industrial zone. Cenan Bakery was established on October 13th, 2008, making it the first industrial bread manufacturer in Iran. Producing 50 Tons of bread a day enabled the company to become the countries initial market leader.

The Cenan Bakery houses the latest and automated technology from the Dutch machine manufacturer’s, Kaak, in a 1,5 acres facility. Allowing production of the highest level of sanity, quality and taste.

We hold strong values for our company as we serve with passion, committing ourselves to everything we bake. We are devoted to building trust by nurturing each relationship with integrity while delivering quality of taste. Operating with effectiveness and precision we provide superior products and services daily.

We hope you enjoy what we’ve baked for you.

Today we are proud to announce our bread is enjoyed by millions of Iranians across the nation and craved by all.

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